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Terrorists have become enemy combatants.

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What do you think are some of the larger issues at hand here? Does the story end the way you expected? What specific function does the Party's directive on sexual interaction serve?

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Physical torture, endless wars, state controlled media, spying. Prior to his capture, which character or characters did you envision as betraying Winston? How are characters brainwashed in the novel? In reading passages from this book, Winston is further enlightened as to "how" the current society came into being. In the final analysis, how accurate was Orwell in his vision of the future? But if the object was not to stay alive, but to stay human, what difference did it ultimately make? Trace the path of Julia in relation to Winston's life; in what ways does she influence him?

What types of conflict physical, moral, intellectual, or emotional are in this novel? In the afterword, the commentator describes as "a warning. For example, Big Brother claims that Oceania has always been at war with East Asia even though months before it was at war with Eurasia.

What opinion do you think each one has of Winston? How is sexual repression used to oppress the people of Oceana? Why do you think words like Big Brother and Newspeak have entered into our everyday lexicon?

During his final encounter with O'Brien, Winston argues that, if all else fails, the inherent nature of the individual—the "spirit of man"—is strong enough to undermine a society such as that created by The Party.

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What qualities does he posses that could define him as one? Would you want to meet the characters? How does the age difference between Julia and Winston affect how they view the actions of Big Brother and the government?

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