A research on the life and paintings of toulouse lautrec

toulouse-lautrec syndrome

He became an important Post-Impressionist painter, art nouveau illustrator, and lithographer; and recorded in his works many details of the lateth-century bohemian lifestyle in Paris. While he suffered terribly, Toulouse-Lautrec wasn't one to feel sorry for himself, and neither should we.

Toulouse paints Mr. Lines were no longer bound to what was anatomically correct; colours were intense and in their juxtapositions generated a pulsating rhythm; laws of perspective were violated in order to place figures in an active, unstable relationship with their surroundings.

Like insects trapped in amber, his paintings, drawings and of course his famous posters preserve the swirl of energy, mix of classes and cultures, and the highs and lows of urban life in 19th-century Paris.

This is chiefly because Parisian business owners realized they could make money from his unique modern vision. He is one of the pillars holding up the rest of modern art. He turned to the lithograph after as a medium well suited to this goal. A masterpiece of this genre is Au salon de la rue des Moulins At the Salon.

Inthe biography Toulouse-Lautrec: A Life was published, written by scholar Julia Frey, adding prose to an array of art publications on his work. Following this initial collaboration, the Moulin Rouge reserved seats for Toulouse-Lautrec and often displayed his paintings.

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Henri de Toulouse