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In fact some may argue that it is only through this economic viability that business and governments will move towards the most efficient means of using the limited resource. Would result in large negative economic impact on local community. That is, it is in the corporations self interest to be socially and environmentally responsible.

In all of the above situations it could be seen to be a breach of The Public Interest and professional behaviour. There would be no industry left in the local community and in this country.

One aspect of the debate surrounding the issue of regulation is the short and long term horizons.

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Discretionary responsibilities are carried out voluntarily. You ask the company to submit an amended return but it refuses.

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For instance, in question b there could be a discussion of whether a company should start marketing a product that medical research shows is harmful in a new market. The recommendations under principle 4 of the ASX guidelines for good corporate governance are listed below together with the relevant information from the JB Hi Fi Limited Annual Report Justice may or may not be seen to be done in a court of law. This may mean that support to those in need may not be provided. Shareholders are the owners of the entity and it is through this ownership and their legal standing in relation to their rights and responsibilities that have traditionally seen shareholders as the primary focus in business decision making. One from the local area or from current media. Those threats include self interest, self-review, advocacy, familiarity and intimidation. It may also means loss of fees for you in the future as you will be giving up a long term engagement. Your best friend has submitted a tender, and you argue strongly in favour of that tender. Which of my values make these facts significant?

The pure utilitarian view would consider consequences. It may not only save the business but also some jobs to the community. Are they well enough informed to make a proper decision about whether or not to smoke?

The point of view will determine whether a business allows for the cost of fraud in pricing or have zero tolerance.

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Make timely and balanced disclosure 6. The guidelines recommend that the majority of the board be independent directors, including having an independent chair and an independent audit committee. You have a material personal interest in a tendering company. You are the auditor of a company and you have taken on a management advisory service. This may have immediate consequences for the client, especially if there is limited time for the audit to be completed. In all of the above situations it could be seen to be a breach of The Public Interest and professional behaviour. Maybe Practical Solutions Ltd could set some conditions to enable an employee to travel to Los Angeles to gather information without having the appearance of favouring Dogto Ltd. Determine the norms, principles and values related to the case. A number of teleological theories have been proposed the most notable being ethical utilitarianism also known as consequentialism.

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