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Education, and schooling in particular, may be a much more politically feasible lever than pure redistribution or cash transfers and other more controversial public policies such as minimum wage legislation, affirmative action and further intervention in markets.

Our acknowledgement of the importance of freedom and equality motivate the theory and practice of Equality of Opportunity. The three bodies which included the congress, the court and the president did as it was expected by many Americans.

Inequality in these areas seems as intolerable as sameness in dress, family size or in our choice of recreational activities.

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Many of these jobs included: infantry, Special Forces, reconnaissance amongst others. Affirmative action was first established by President John F.

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How employees and employers respond to these and their responsibilities will effect overall achievement and wellbeing for both parties. The EEOC also protects employees from harassment against managers and supervisors. Providing equal opportunities involves providing the same opportunities to all the employees and prospective employees regardless of their sex, age, disabilities, ethnic origins, sexual orientations etc. Formal equality of opportunity is in some sense the narrow view taking into consideration the visible factors of inequality like race and gender. Once the charge has been filed, an investigation is made, or the charge maybe selected to an EEOC program and maybe dismissed. Freedom or opportunity may explain where and when equality seems most important. Controversy surrounding affirmative action is due to its questioning of constitutionality. It holds that all who have a "genuine opportunity to become qualified" be given a chance to do so and it is sometimes based on a recognition that unfairness exists, hindering social mobility , combined with a sense that the unfairness should not exist or should be lessened in some manner.

Positions bringing superior advantages should be open to all applicants [19] and job openings should be publicized in advance giving applicants a "reasonable opportunity" to apply. The company has the policy of investigating such reports thoroughly and promptly.

It requires that deliberate discrimination be relevant and meritocratic.

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Access to good doctors and basic medical treatment could be evaluated in terms of equality of opportunity.

One account suggests that left-leaning thinkers who advocate equality of outcome fault even formal equality of opportunity on the grounds that it "legitimates inequalities of wealth and income". Part of this is due to the massive strides our country has taken since the Civil Rights Act of took effect nearly 50 years ago.

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Thankfully, the discrimination of a person based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, and disability in areas of employment became illegal. These different conceptions of Equality of Opportunity offer us very different guidance and assessment of our societies. The programs involve government action, sometimes with resources being transferred from an advantaged group to a disadvantaged one and these programs have been justified on the grounds that imposing quotas counterbalances the past discrimination [3] as well as being a "compelling state interest" in diversity in society. First, we could be asking about the concept of equality of opportunity. An analysis in by University of Chicago researcher Stefano Allesina examined 61, names of Italian professors by looking at the "frequency of last names", doing one million random drawings and he suggested that Italian academia was characterized by violations of equal opportunity practices as a result of these investigations. For instance, one cannot have an opportunity to become the president of the United States if one is not a natural born citizen. For example, in an example in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy , a warrior society might provide equal opportunity for all kinds of people to achieve military success through fair competition, but people with non-military skills such as farming may be left out. Our acknowledgement of the importance of freedom and equality motivate the theory and practice of Equality of Opportunity. How true does it stand now. The substantive model is advocated by people who see limitations in the formal model: Therein lies the problem with the idea of equal opportunity for all. One might argue, as famed political philosopher John Rawls did , that equality of opportunity can only take place once liberty is secured against such procedures.
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An Introduction to Equality of Opportunity