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Whatever opinion audience members have on this question of authentic representation, the play is undoubtedly populated with distinctly Irish English ways of speaking.

As Christy grows in confidence throughout the play, so too does his willingness to speak in a lyrical way; when he first arrives, his speech is more disjointed and abrupt. Map of Byzantine Empire yellowand Holy Roman Empire at greatest extent and tied states pink, green, purple, orange in ADafter the restoration of the Byzantine emperor.

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But faithful representation of the community and the rendering of real life are not the only argument for the power of language in the play. Unfortunately for the Byzantines, the crusaders belonging to the members of high aristocracy from France, western Germany, the Low countries, and Italy had no allegiance to the Byzantine Emperor and established their own states in the conquered regions, including the heart of the Byzantine Empire.

Huntington argued that this cultural division still existed during the Cold War as the approximate Western boundary of those countries that were allied with the Soviet Union.

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In this context, the Protestant Reformation may be viewed as a schism within the Catholic Church. Synge was committed to rendering Irish English in a way that would do it justice and be considered authentic, an intention that is clear in The Playboy of the Western World.

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Its movement was affected by the influence of the Byzantine empire and the fluctuating power and influence of the Catholic church in Rome.

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