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Without information, how can consumers, investors, employees, neighbors, and activists know whether a company is spewing pollutants, hiring subcontractors that abuse workers, testing on animals, using dangerous chemicals, firing union organizers, and all the other qualities that contribute to the definition of social responsibility?

Or at least, Apple used Gandhi's image in its "Think Different" ad campaign.

apple ethics and social responsibility

But giving back has never been an immediate priority of Apple as Steve Jobs stated. They have gone from one of the worst companies for environmental friendliness, as assessed by Greenpeace, to one of the leaders.

It's not funny when officials are so close-mouthed about the fatal illness of an iconic CEO who personifies the company, that they mislead investors who might well have sold their shares if they knew the CEO wouldn't survive much longer.

There was third party verification by Bureau Veritas BV and of product related carbon footprint by Fraunhofer. See page Introduction Apple Inc.

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The company has refused to join Ceres, a big coalition of businesses that focuses on sustainability, or the Eco-Patent Commons, an organization formed in by IBM, Nokia, Sony, and other tech firms to share environmental ideas. The company was later retitled as Apple Inc. Apple's worst ethical sin, though, is its obsession with secrecy. In early the Fair Labor Association FLA conducted a month long investigation and uncovered significant issues at three Foxconn facilities in China. But for environmental, labor, and other social responsibility advocates, the only new part was the publicity. This report came from a detailed investigation by Apple into its current suppliers. Improving health and safety is essential and all workers receive the appropriate education on the topic. Introduction Apple Inc.

Works Cited Apple Inc. Customer Loyalty Apple has a very loyal customer base despite the despicable acts the company has been associated with throughout the years.

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Apples Ethics and Social Responsibility Essay Example