Boolean operators research papers

Boolean operators research papers

Based on this study, one page of results, and certainly the first 25, may be enough to satisfy the needs of a first-year research assignment. This approach supports the literature and the Framework, where teaching librarians express a desire to have more class time to get at those meatier concepts52 and research on the Framework indicates lower-level students can grasp these concepts.

Even when these factors are available, data about existing resources is not widely accessible. For example: "land claims" AND indian OR native Using round brackets in a search statement tells the system the order in which to perform the search. Once we have narrowed down the problem, seeking and analysing existing literature may further straighten out the research approach.

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A follow-up independent-samples t-test was conducted to compare ProQuest filtered versus unfiltered Boolean and filtered versus unfiltered natural language. In the remaining half, Boolean searches were more precise than natural language searches in three, and there was a tie in the case of PubMed.

Additional research on the performance of the operators NOT and OR versus natural language is warranted.

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In general, Boolean and natural language searches yielded different unique results within a given database. The high overlap percentages in PubMed, Scopus, and Web of Science indicate filtering has little effect on the diversity of the results. Bruce Croft, Nicholas J. We next looked at the unfiltered searches to compare their precision. An additional area of study is to examine in greater depth exactly when, and under what circumstances, Boolean should be taught especially within the context of the Framework for Information Literacy. To focus a search, particularly when your topic contains multiple search terms. One limitation of this study is that librarians did it without the direct involvement of student searchers.

This narrows your search results. Burns and Susan M. It should either confirm, refute or add information to already done research work.

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Boolean operators