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Dress code Brazilians are one of the most fashionable people on the planet; dressing smart is very important, also in business situations.

Business meetings Brazilian style It is vital to understand that good personal relationships are essential for being successful in doing business in Brazil.

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Brazilians tend to place the individual before the company. Brazilian communication is often informal, and interruptions — which are common — indicate interest and enthusiasm.

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This is especially reinforced since Brazilians prefer to do business with those they know and trust. A major part of the economy of Brazil consists of family businesses, an important factor to keep in mind while doing business in Brazil. Naturally, in Brazil temperature is a factor to take into account. Openness and friendliness are expected in most of the business dealings. Structure and hierarchy in Brazilian companies Brazilian companies tend to have vertical hierarchies where managers at the top make most of the decisions. Bear in mind that physical contact and close proximity are both common, particularly between men, and that you will be expected to maintain good eye contact whilst speaking to someone. Business Cards Business cards are exchanged during introductions. In turn, females may not be treated the same as men in a business setting. Thus, there is an expectation that titles will be used, such as 'Professor' or 'Doctor'. DO accept food or drinks that you are offered during social or business occasions. If you need to tell them something negative, do so in private so they do not lose face or their pride in front of others. In more informal situations, men and women will tend to greet each other with one or two kisses on the cheek or briefly embrace each other.

Relationship — Relationship — Relationship. Changing your team during the process of negotiations can be lethal; even the perfect business deal can be off. Best is to take a few well tailored, dark suits and long-sleeved shirts on your business trip to Brazil.

Be sure your business attire accurately reflects your profession, position and leadership within your company.

Brazil business practices

The importance of family is also evident in Brazilian business culture where family members will often be found working for the same company, either family owned or otherwise. The first contact is relatively formal and it is normal to employ distinctive titles such as "Senhor", "Doutor" or "Engenhero", according to age and qualifications. Brazilians do not come straight to business, first they want to know you personally and check you out. A Brazilian has at least two first names, the second is from fathers side. As Catholicism is the predominant religion in Brazil, many of these events have a strong Catholic influence. In turn, females may not be treated the same as men in a business setting. It is customary to shake hands with everyone present both upon arrival and upon exiting the room. Brazilian Culture Quiz — True or False 1. Time Management Although the Brazilian approach to time is somewhat flexible, it is advisable to be punctual and not to show signs of frustration or impatience with delays. Search our Course Catalogue for training relevant to Brazil.

Smart jeans combined with a good quality shirt and a blazer are acceptable for less formal occasions. DO expect to be interrupted. Making a good first impression.

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Business meeting advice if doing business in Brazil. This informal conversation is essential to building relationships and rapport, and should not be rushed.

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