Daimlerchrysler hofstede

In Germany the primary purpose of speech is to give and receive information. Lewis In Maywhen the impending merger of Daimler-Benz and Chrysler was announced, it heralded the biggest cross-border industrial merger ever.

Workplaces tend to be more competitive, stressful, and prone to conflict. Another factor for conflict was the different dressing styles.

In order to achieve goals with partners from different cultures, one has to recognize and soundly consider both cultural systems, so that the set objectives can be achieved. These cultural differences soon became manifest in the daily activities of the company.

daimler-chrysler merger a cultural mismatch

The Board of Management consists of twelve people, including Chairman Juergen Schrempp, and controls all of the operating and functional divisions. He had worked several years in the United States and was sufficiently well-versed in both cultures to foresee and hopefully circumvent cultural difficulties which would undoubtedly present themselves.

Corporate culture of a company consists of cultural symbols, shared behaviours, cultural values, and shared assumptions.

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The Impact of Cultural Differences on the Daimler Chrysler Merger