Ebola and the role of international

What has the response cost, and how much funding has been provided?

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Although Sierra Leone had not yet reported a confirmed case, vigilance was high and one expert was sent to support surveillance efforts there. Multiple issues make responding to this Ebola outbreak more challenging than any prior outbreaks in the DRC. Culturally, the annual carnival celebrations in this region are something that is unique and treated with utmost importance as it is an important way to express their rich cultural traditions. The announcement came amid fears that the virus might mutate and become more virulent and "represents a serious national security concern. This could include additional funding as well as a reconsideration of the decision to prevent U. Norway will also establish an accommodation camp for between 50 and health workers in Moyamba. No estimate is available for the amount that CDC has spent on its Ebola response activities. That meeting was held in Ghana from 2 to 3 July and resulted in both significant commitments of financial support and new strategies to accelerate the operational response. Are treatments available for those infected with Ebola? He credited much of this success to the permanent field presence of more than 70 WHO staff and the rapid deployment by WHO of two mobile laboratories. February — July U. E-mail: ude. Commitments set out in the Joint Declaration included the isolation of areas in the cross-border region by police and military forces, with material support provided to citizens in these areas.

This decision could be revisited if the demand for the Merck vaccine in the response begins to outstrip the available supply in the future.

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Given the unprecedented number of doctors and nurses infected during the outbreaks, many governments were reluctant to send their nationals into such high-risk environments, especially as state-of-the-art treatment for those who fell ill could not be guaranteed.

By mid-April, the cumulative totals in Guinea had risen to cases and deaths in six prefectures.

Ebola and the role of international

While it is not possible to predict the trajectory of the outbreak, it could take many more months to contain it even under the best of circumstances, and some experts surmise that given the complex set of challenges being faced, the outbreak could take another year, if not longer, to be brought under control. There has been no clear strategy to break the vicious cycle of disease, violence and distrust. The purpose of the meeting was twofold: to identify the most important weaknesses standing in the way of a stronger strategic response, and to define the precise support needed from WHO and other partners. The Health Minister Dr. The possible arrival of the virus in Goma has long been feared by the agencies responding to the outbreak, because of its density and the movement of people through it to Rwanda. Cross-border spread is a significant concern. Financial support and sponsorship. Such declarations, which are rare at WHO, are intended to alert all countries to the likelihood of further international spread. Additionally, other CDC workers have deployed to WHO headquarters and to neighboring countries, such as Uganda, to assist in keeping the virus from crossing borders and to support countries in preparedness and response activities. However, the staffing of those centres with either national or foreign medical teams lagged behind. In the view of WHO, such systems needed built-in — not separate — capacity to do disease surveillance, to be able to detect early and respond early to outbreaks caused by any pathogen. The main risk factors amplifying the outbreaks were identified as high-risk cultural practices and traditional beliefs, extensive population movements within countries and across borders, and inadequate coverage with effective containment measures.

The Prime Minister of St. The objective was to greatly increase the scale and coordination of the international response and to facilitate its logistics.

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Current Situation When did the outbreak begin, and what countries are affected? The WHO is not only alarmed about the arrival of the virus in Uganda and on the Rwandan border, but also by the flare-up again in Beni.

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Cross-border spread is a significant concern. This includes contributions to the World Health Organization , Medecins sans Frontieres , and other agencies. Global Health Diplomacy and its Impact at Global Level Global health diplomacy GHD brings together the disciplines of public health, international affairs, management, law, and economics and focuses on negotiations that shape and manage the global policy environment for health. The latter occurred in a village near the Ebola River, from which the disease takes its name. The Prime Minister of St. In addition, this Ebola outbreak has disproportionately affected children, with about 15 percent of all cases occurring among children under 5 and a higher proportion of the child cases dying from the disease compared with older age groups. Thus far, over , individuals have been vaccinated in the DRC likely preventing hundreds, if not thousands, of Ebola cases already with an experimental vaccine manufactured by Merck and provided free of charge to WHO and the DRC for the purposes of the response effort. Moreover, the outbreak naturally prompts a debate on the social, economic, cultural, and political ramifications of the disease which are discussed briefly below. Since the CARICOM region heavily depends on tourism, a single case of the disease anywhere in the region could have serious negative consequences for the rest of the region's tourism industry. The regional institutes such as Caribbean Public Health Agency should play a more proactive and pivotal role in the creation of regional response teams in all the island nations collaborating with the departments of public health and epidemiology at the regional campuses of The University of the West Indies. Later in May, Sierra Leone reported its first 16 cases and 5 deaths, all concentrated in Kailahun district. The subsequent plan is expected by the end of July.

Mistrust of public health authorities remains a barrier to response efforts. Is there an adequate supply of vaccine? Multiple issues make responding to this Ebola outbreak more challenging than any prior outbreaks in the DRC.

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Sierra Leone was investigating 3 cases that might be either Ebola virus disease or Lassa fever, a disease endemic in large parts of West Africa. The second biggest Ebola outbreak ever, after the epidemic in west Africa, has reached a critical point with the diagnosis of a case in Gomaa city of 2 million people, which is a transport hub on the border with Rwanda.

She also spelled out the consequences of allowing the outbreaks to continue, including more bans on travel and trade, isolation from the international community, and severe shocks to their struggling economies. The emergency committee meets On 20 July, an airline passenger from Liberia introduced the virus into Lagos, Nigeria, marking the first time that Ebola entered a new country via international air travel. The recent identification of several cases in the large city of Goma, a regional and international transport hub that directly borders Rwanda, has further highlighted such concerns. However no date has been decided for this program to start. This combination of factors has made responding to this outbreak a much more difficult challenge compared with previous outbreaks in the DRC see KFF brief. The two had traveled from the DRC to Uganda after attending the funeral of a relative who died from Ebola. All Caribbean countries including Trinidad and Tobago face a real threat to investment opportunities. Projections of precise needs, such as for treatment beds, foreign medical teams, and burial teams, helped channel the high-level of international concern into equally precise support, especially for the construction of new treatment centres. Critique of Policy Options The officials of ministries of health in CARICOM may be confident about having an isolation ward for Ebola case management, having purchased sufficient hazmat suits for health-care workers involved in case management, but health-care workers should undergo a rigorous, training, and practice competence in personal protective equipment PPE. That wave arrived in September. This includes command and control, logistics and engineers that will provide the backbone of infrastructure, commodities, training and management needed to scale up the response in Sierra Leone. It was also argued by USA attorney Jasmine Rand who was in Trinidad, and Tobago said if persons from Nigeria had been banned then in the pursuit of fairness, persons from the USA should also be banned. The Declaration further recognized the need for international support to build capacity for surveillance, contact tracing, case management, and laboratory services. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Print Key Points More than 2, cases, including more than 1, deaths, have been reported to date in the ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC , making it second only to the West Africa outbreak that saw nearly 29, cases and claimed more than 11, lives. The challenges observed included the wide geographical dispersion of cases in both Guinea and Liberia, cases in the capital city, Conakry, and a high level of public fear, anxiety, rumours, and misperceptions.
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