Employee satisfaction in a government hospital

Some experts believe that shifting patients from private to state hospitals without any changes in the hospital environment or the service providers has imposed a great pressure on the healthcare team.

J Nurs Manag.

job satisfaction among nurses in a hospital

Med J Armed Forces India. Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. These needs change continuously based on the economic, social, political, and environmental conditions. Job satisfaction is to some extent a reflection of good treatment.

Job satisfaction in hospitals

Most of the participants were females 83 females and 55 males , and the ages of the participants ranged from 24 to However, they stated the following problems associated with the implementation of the plan: 1 Increase in intensity and workload and consequently a decrease in work quality, 2 Insufficient space and equipment, 3 Insufficient personnel, 4 Unchanged salaries, 5 Increase in visits, 6 Insufficient information to supervise and evaluate the reform plan to determine the real effect of the plan. First, in-depth, unstructured interviews were conducted, after which the interviews became semi-structured with open questions. Industrial Relations. Master of Public Health; p. Collective problem solving and the attitude of management are also important to the satisfaction of the employees. New York: Lexington Books; Measuring job satisfaction could indicate that employees have positive views toward their jobs and the organization, which could promote personal efficiency and motivation that would benefit the organization and the patients it serves 9. Furthermore, managers could empower personnel through their effective behavior and employing participative management to have a positive effect on their job satisfaction and quality of services provided.

Rao TV, Pareek U. Age and job satisfaction in human service employment. It can also be considered as an indicator of emotional well-being or physiological health.

job satisfaction questionnaire

Locke EA, Henne D. The final data collection tool was slightly modified that comprised of item [Table 1]. Level of job satisfaction The mean job satisfaction index was computed to be highest for nurse 0.

This in turn will contribute to higher quality patient care and patient satisfaction.

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Job satisfaction in health