English has become a global language

There are 21 native Spanish speaking countries which dominates all other languages. But for how long?

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In countries where large settler colonies were formed, such as Australia, Canada and the USA, native languages and cultures have been pushed to near-extinction by the presence of English.

For a long time, access to English meant access to education, whether in the mission schools in Africa or the first universities in India.

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In German, each verb has 16 different forms Latin has a possible ! English is looking to be one of the universal languages of the future. English as a universal language could help to create new words, and lastly, English as a universal language could change the way people live their lives with culture.

People learned Latin then for the same reasons they learn English now: to get ahead in life and have access to knowledge.

Western universities are attracting more and more visiting scholars, students and professors from all around the world, and their common working language is English. Its grammar is generally simpler than most languages.

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Also, its borrowings of foreign words tend to preserve the original spelling rather than attempting to spell them phonetically. Take an entertaining quiz. If you want a career in travel , English is absolutely essential. Its grammar is generally simpler than most languages. Discover more about English as a global language with LTC today. Tell me in the comments, do you think English should be our global language of communication? Many examples of English in advertising come from multinational companies, who wish to keep their message consistent across markets, but some examples are local firms looking for that elusive element of glamour that English can bring. Artists who want to reach the largest audience for their work can do that in English. Between and , about 65, immigrants moved to England to make up for the lack of laborers. But, it is also the most common language used in the film and music industry. But at the same time, American culture was being exported heavily through music and film. English is now the most spoken foreign language in 19 of the 25 EU Member States where it is not an official language. This shows that English truly has become a global language, used to connect people across borders. It is even said that Shakespeare alone invented words throughout his time showing people how rich, vibrant, and limitless the expression of the English language was. Between beating Napoleon and being a winner of the first world war, English got 10 million square miles and million people, leaving new varieties of English to develop all over the world.
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How English became the global language