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I would likely recommend other books on the Japanese Internment to children instead of this one. The two share the same activities and tastes, but when they reach high school subtle prejudice keeps Jeanne from the social and extracurricular success available to Radine. He meets Toyo, his father's aunt, and finally understands his father's pride. That night, a patrol group accosts Jeanne's brother-in-law, Kaz, and his fellow workers and accuses them of sabotage. Her father, a fisherman who owned two boats, was arrested by the FBI following the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, Plus, at the core of it all, the book is still about a girl coming-of-age, dealing with her parents and with her peers. Kids having fun in an internment camp? But that's just what Wakatsuki Houston's story is: full of contradictions, ironies, and surprises. Woody Jeanne's brother wants to preserve his family's honor by joining the U.

Come again? Her homeroom nominates her queen of the school's annual spring carnival, and for the election assembly she leaves her hair loose and wears an exotic sarong.

Woody is drafted and, despite his father's protests, leaves in November to join the all-Nisei nd Combat Regiment. In other words, you've got a book full of family dramas and coming-of-age issues including body image stuff and, of course, boysbut you've also got a book that shows how complex and contradictory camp life could be for Japanese-American internees.

What helps too is how surprising Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston's account is. Soon after, the government requires a loyalty oath to distinguish loyal Japanese from potential enemies.

He meets Toyo, his father's aunt, and finally understands his father's pride. Nothing's simple for our main character, Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston yes—she's one of the authors.

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A book about forced internment can't help but contain a few tearjerkers along the way. Compared to the horrible stories of human atrocities heard from other parts of the world, Jeanne's trials are comparatively not so bad although she does attempt to explain why they affected other members of her family more by assaulting her father's honor and her mother's dignity and the social institution of family.

By the end ofthe number of people at Manzanar dwindles; men are drafted, and families take advantage of the government's new policy of relocating families away from the west coast.

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Farewell to Manzanar