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They can only be shown via a medium. All of these people have just been normal, but instead they took a small step out from average to become different, and set precedents for all those after them Her Mexican Roots: Frida was involved in a circle of Mexican artists and intellectuals who were devoted to the beliefs of the artist Adolfo Best Maugard.

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She simply used her own style of surrealistic elements to paint her own reality. One can only imagine the emotional pain and frustration Frida must have felt when she too looked at these paintings. Frida was held back one year due to her sickness with polio.

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Men felt extremely threatened by this and took it as an assault on all males after her divorce from Rivera. These collaborating artists work and operate with a variety of mediums, their works display a strong message concerned with activism connected by humor allowing the Guerrilla Girls to communicate and resonate a more powerful message to the viewer The Rivera's had a collection of more than Ex-Votos and Retablos.

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Although Mexico is a fairly short distance from the United States, there are many differences between our two countries. The art of Frida Kahlo is a ribbon about a bomb" Herrera, During her short lived life, she had many accomplishments. When Breton saw Kahlo's unfinished painting "What the Water Gave Me" , he immediately labeled her an innate "Surrealist", and offered to show her work in Paris. At the time, Rivera was already a well known muralist twenty years her senior and her painting was thought to be no more than a hobby for a quiet wife. Frida had three sisters —Mitilde and Adriana that were older and Christina who was younger. She was in a wheelchair, having lost a leg to gangrene, sickly thin, with colorful yarn tied into her hair. This will now be proven through analyzing the portrait to prove the above quote. The fruits were shaped or cut open in such a way as to symbolize male or female sex organs, seeds became sperm cells and flowers became wombs. From that encouragement came the painting "Two Women". However, Frida did not paint "Retablo".

Her painting "My Birth" in which she paints " how I imagined I was born", a statue of the Aztec Goddess Tlazolteolt may have been the model.

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