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He is also Chairman of TechInc. With executives possessing extensive technological, corporate, government, civil society, and academic backgrounds represented on its leadership team and advisory boards, the Washington Institute has both the knowledge and the network to help world leaders create the most advantageous environment for the technology innovators changing the world as well as those they serve.

Investor Rights and Protection Government mandates that companies make financial information public, thereby protecting the rights of investors and facilitating further investment.

Throughout her career, she has won numerous awards for issue management, employee communication and change management.

At this critical historic crossroads we must recognize that our collective futures can only be secured through critical dialogue, thoughtful consideration and decisive action. Tien Wong is a technology entrepreneur, CEO, and angel investor.

why is business important to the government

As concerns about the environment, income inequality, and upskilling of the workforce mount, the Washington Institute is supporting positive and effective collaboration between business, government, and society entities to drive mutually beneficial solutions to these challenges and others.

The government enforces these contracts.

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