Hegel and the russian constitutional tradition essay

The finite has to become infinite in order to achieve reality. The beastly masses will come to resemble the enlightened friends, ardors of daily life will yield to political order. He did not reject fascism, as did most of its prewar advocates, although he now did distinguish between what he regarded as better and worse forms of fascism.

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The foundation of any rule-of-law state is a principle of succession, the set of rules that allow one person to succeed another in office in a manner that confirms rather than destroys the system.

A philosophy which undertook to organize under the single formula of triadic development every department of knowledge, from abstract logic up to the philosophy of history, has a great deal of attractiveness to those who are metaphysically inclined.

Hence, God, for Aristotle, is perfect because He never changes, but is eternally complete. It is essentially dynamic, because it tends by its very nature to pass over into nothing, and then to return to itself in the higher concept, becoming.

March 16,pm. As he wrote his dissertation about Hegel, he perceived the divine subject in a philosophical text, and fixed it in place.

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Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel