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In fact, I hated doing this, but I returned the book and asked for a refund. Amy: Can you describe that a bit more? Style and Substance. But you only know how to produce stodgy, impersonal papers for peer-reviewed disciplinary journals. Instead she presents the antidote in the form of advice and examples.

Helen sword stylish academic writing

The best parts are the exercises at the end of each chapter, really. We hope this will never happen. Reviews Editorial reviews Publisher Synopsis Helen Sword's brilliant little volume is in many respects the ideal companion to Stephen J. For example, Sword outlines the merits of allowing authorial voice to come through in your writing. Sometimes people like to enrol with a group of friends or colleagues. Sword doesn't give the reader a good sense of just how much blood, sweat, and tears should go into an article about hematology, excerise physiology, or romantic poetry. She has drawn from a massive array of academic articles more than a thousand and given particular attention to authors known for writing readable material Style and Substance.

Toss your readers into the middle of a story that has already begun. The author can't seem to use an example to demonstrate fewer than three different points, two of them inevitably off-topic for the chapter. Over-formal, stodgily written reports, theses and journal articles can make individual disciplines quite closed, with the potential result that important research and findings that deserve a wide audience may instead be restricted only to those willing or able to wade through the quagmire of over-complex syntax and artificially imposed objectivity.

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A piece should go through revisons, and perhaps many revisions, before being considered fit for public consumption. Almost nobody formally learns to write as an academic One of my most significant findings has been that almost nobody formally learns to write as an academic. In other words, the books is confusing; I was just lost, and didn't get anything from it. Depending on the field you work in, you might be more or less able to try her many suggestions for writing more stylish academic prose. If you choose to write with a personal voice, that can be a very effective way of reaching readers. Would a trendy anecdote help a researcher to get an article published in a peer-reviewed journal? Helen: Ironically, academic research and writing is one of the least researched or documented academic fields. For scholars frustrated with disciplinary conventions or eager to write for a larger audience, this title features imaginative, practical, witty pointers that show how to make articles and books enjoyable to read - and to write. Some people have an almost dismissive attitude toward style. How do you undo years of scholarly training and learn to write like a human being?

Sword exhorts us to write more audaciously, to claim our freedom from disciplinary and institutional straitjackets, to communicate abstract matters in a clear and graphic way. Stylish Academic Writing contains superb counsel for academics who want to write with greater clarity and skill.

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Brotherhood, King shows us, is not just an empty ideal but a place, an action, a shared meal. Sword, frustrated by the dreadfully boring articles she found in her own field of education, launched a two-pronged study to try and understand why academic writing is the way it is.

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