How to write a guided meditation script

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Remain in your peaceful place while you meditate calmly and build your self-esteem. Feel the relaxation deepen each time you squeeze your right thumb while saying "relax. Allow your mind to drift and your body to relax, heavy and comfortable.

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Relaxing into warmth and heaviness… your forearm You can see up ahead that the path continues next to the water. Look out over the water, admiring it's stillness Your right leg is heavy and warm… Feel your left lower leg warming and relaxing Focus now on your left hand.

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Give them time to come back to earth and tell them to open their eyes when they are ready. The relaxation continues to increase I approach challenges with strength. Continue to breathe deeply, slowly, and comfortably. Very heavy However, to be truly effective, you will need to make sure that you follow a few basic guidelines when you set it up. Feel yourself becoming more relaxed with each breath. Feel the warmth beginning in the toes of your left foot. Imagine all the details of this place. Let the color you are imagining become green. Imagine yourself surrounded with the calming color yellow Keep it short, 10 numbers or less.

Sincerity First Before you sit down to write a guided meditation, take a brief moment to consider the purpose of your guided meditation, and dwell upon the potential it has to heal and inspire both yourself and others. You walk closer to the waves, and feel the sand becoming wet and firm Settle into a comfortable position, and begin to turn your attention inward.

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Experience the feeling of deep relaxation. Both of your legs are completely relaxed Notice your breathing.

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How to Write a Guided Meditation Script