How to write a plural possessive noun

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To make a noun plural, which means there is more than one of them, you normally add an "s. To show plural possession, simply put an apostrophe after the s. When it was playing in the kitchen, the kitten's toy went under the refrigerator.

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However, with single lowercase letters, it is advisable to use apostrophes. Correct: We visited the Sanchezes. Example: My a's look like u's.

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Rule 3. These nouns become plural by changing their spelling, sometimes becoming quite different words. Know when to avoid using plural possessives It is also sometimes advisable to reword a sentence in order to avoid using awkward sounding plural possessives.

How to write a plural possessive noun

The plural of Hastings is Hastingses. Some of these are: jury, family, class, troupe, gaggle, herd, faculty, and society. Jones's golf clubs. To determine this, try reading your sentence aloud to see if the plural possessive sounds particularly awkward. Hastings, many people would wrongly write Mr. Example: my mother-in-law's hat If the compound noun e. Plural Possessives How to use plural possessives properly Do you struggle with plural possessives? Such ambiguous sentences should just be rewritten. Hastings' pen" would not pronounce an added s, we would write Mr. Some write M. It should be mentioned that compound possessives are often clunky as well as confusing. Rule 2c.
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Examples of Possessive Nouns