How to write a science of mind treatment for health

spiritual mind treatment for money

I am eager and anxious to let my abilities be shown to all who can use me. These employers are ready and willing to compensate me generously for my work. How can we receive that which the mind refuses to entertain?

Today I commune with the spiritual truth in everything. I see God in everyone I meet and the Spirit that is within me responds to the Spirit within them, for we have one Father. Today I surrender myself completely to this faith, for I know that there is a creative Spirit which gives substance to this faith and which will provide the evidence of this substance in actual fact.

I am whole. Now is the time and place and intention of Real Love to infiltrate every nook and cranny of the situation at hand and glorify its existence by the revealing of Balance, Interdependence and complete Peace.

Everything that partakes of the nature of the Divine Reality, I claim as my own. All is well with me. Today I understand that the power of God flows through me to everything I contact.

Today I enter into this permanent home.

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Spiritual Mind Treatments