How to write an essay providing solutions to problems

Problem solution essay outline

What do they believe about your issue? What does every student need to know? It is important that action is taken to combat these problems. What should college students do when they have a suicidal friend? It is important that action is taken to combat these problems. A shortage of doctors in hospitals could lead to them being severely understaffed, even though they have the trained doctors and nurses who are local and willing to work. How can schools help develop a healthier society? Should schools move to digital textbooks?

This essay looks at some of the effects of drug use on society, and suggests some solutions to the problem. What should the speed limits be?

The third sentence should give an example that supports the problem.

how to write an essay providing solutions to problems

What three modal verb structures are used to make the suggestions? Start the paragraph by introducing the problem.

40 problem solution essay

You could make up an example from a report, journal, newspaper or University study. Which of these needs and values could be effective for you to appeal to in your paper? Paraphrased- Climate change is among the principal dangers facing people this century and ocean levels are increasing dramatically. How can college students overcome homesickness? A final issue associated with this phenomenon is the negative effect on animals. Addicts cannot function as normal members of society. What can be done to make sure that people today actually know how to have "real" relationships? What problems will this cause for individuals and society? How can college students stay in shape when they aren't in sports like they were in high school? How can we balance the right for free speech with the right to not be insulted or abused? Another problem is changes in weather patterns. Parents also have a part to play.

Those who earn their qualifications from state universities should have to work in service to their country for a set amount of time, even though they are ready for the wider workplace. How can kids be persuaded not to experiment with illegal drugs?

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You could also be asked to provide solutions, evaluate a problem, compare and contrast different ideas or challenge an idea. Another major problem is For example, pornography sites are easily accessible to them because they can register with a site and claim to be an adult.

How can students pay more attention in class?

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Where do you and your audience have common ground? They are usually found as articles in magazines, newspapers, etc.

Social problem and solution essay

Source How can we help homeless people in our community? Therefore, it is clear that the problems caused by overpopulation in urban areas are very serious. To conclude, the internet is an amazing technological innovation that has transformed peoples lives, but not without negative impacts. How can we get away from stereotypes and racism? Conclusion The conclusion should have no new ideas but instead should simply list the main points from the previous two paragraphs. Again, do not assume that the examiner has any specialist knowledge of this topic, so you need to explain what you mean. What should teachers and students do to prevent cheating? Step By Step Writing Guide After you have chosen your topic, you can find instructions about how to develop your ideas, find a unique solution to the problem and organize your essay in "How to Write Your Problem Solution Paper. The second effect is on crime.
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Essay Providing Solutions to Problems