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This is only to be included for argumentative research paper on the topic. Now create your own outline based on the topic you developed in Exercise 3. You should consult your supervisor to make sure if he wants to add any other part in your research paper. The following are inappropriate ways to conclude a Humanities essay: Sudden stop. The quotation comes from page 49 of Fielding's novel. The fact that a poem or a play touched a raw nerve is great. No matter the length of the paper, from a three-page weekly assignment to a page senior thesis, outlines can help you see the overall picture. Only include such phrases if they startlingly contrast commonly received ideas. Louis A.

Make sure you discuss the primary source, rather than simply focusing on what it reminds you of in your life. For a book by more than one author: Anderson, Bonnie S. Center the title of your paper at the top of the first page of your essay beneath your name, etc.

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New York: Harper and Row, Handbook writers call quotations without tag lines "dropped quotations. Body part of your research paper outline: Following points should be considered when writing the body outline of your research paper: The critical points of the paper should be discussed in the body in full detail. Fielding implies that Barnabas' healthy parishioners are regularly exhausted by their spiritual leader's obfuscated doctrine. You need to support the paper with academic sources and you need to cite in text and on a complete and correct APA reference page. Second Treatise of Government. Is each point suitably fleshed out? Does Locke know anything about native Americans? Here are some other sample bibliographic entries for a "Works Cited" page. Creating your own organization.

The cook must prepare the egg batter quickly. After the quotation, paraphrase or use of another author's idea, write a parenthetical citation using the author's last name and the page number s.

What are the main points you want to make to convince your audience? If your paper is actually not all that bad, an apology could undermine the favorable impression you have made.

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The cook must select fresh ingredients. Write for us Want to join our editorial team? Think about why you care about this topic.

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This is only to be included for argumentative research paper on the topic. It does not simply repeat your thesis. As I've just said. The draft sentence, "After spending time with this philosopher I can see that he is not really religious but he includes many biblical quotations in his essay to make himself sound more credible" BECOMES in a final edited version, "John Locke infuses the Second Treatise with biblical quotations to gain rhetorical credibility rather than to demonstrate religious faith. The bracketed word, "Christian," does not appear in Fielding's sentence the word "that" appears, instead , but "Christian" is implied by a portion of the text not quoted, and the bracketed word clarifies the quotation for the reader. Do it. Center the title of your paper at the top of the first page of your essay beneath your name, etc. Lab talk. Take the time to reflect on what you have written and explain those reflections to your reader. Locke, John.

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