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The plot is pretty much all stuff that's been done elsewhere but better.

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Yuika continued to pursue him but the love was obviously one-sided at that point. Of course, in reality, anyone as wishy-washy as Chinami would have just ended up alone.

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It's basically about this boy, Hazumu, who's in love with this girl but she rejected him. Wife, 38, who was addicted to her cheating husband died of an overdose after she was sent naked pictures. It doesn't help that this was supposed to be Seinen and Chinami x Oguri is pretty much a strictly Shoujo pairing. The comedy is okay but nothing outstanding. As for other girl love series, there's Strawberry Panic which is really cute, Kannazuki no Miko, which is cool but kind of angsty and as i mentioned Mai-HiME has one lesbian couple and some subtext, and it's sequel Mai-Otome not exactly a sequal though, you don't need to see the first one, it's set way into the future is even more lesbianic since the magical girls would lose their powers if they sleep with guys Re:Yuri Anime and Manga 9 years 3 months ago Does that s of interest to you? He t up being a into Birdy's body and must continue to be so t the repair of his body is complete. Just as the use of the fossil record has allowed a precise definition of geologic processes in approximately the past million years, absolute ages allow correlations back to the Earth s oldest known rocks formed almost 4 billion years ago. However, it switched to an all-girl's s and he must cross-dress in order to have his education he would not otherwise obtain. The aliens felt bad so they ressurected him, only they ressurected him as a girl instead of a boy. They r him but, during the process of s him, c him into a girl. Fortunately for Tsutomu, there exist a way to maintaining him alive.

The romance will appeal to some and leave others wanting. The 1 million Circular Design Challenge calls for new designs that avoid the generation of small-format plastic packaging waste, such as plastic wrappers, straws and coffee cup lids that are almost never recycled and end up clogging the environment.

And then of course now that 'he' is a girl, the girl that rejected him now wants to be with him The comedy is okay but nothing outstanding. I might go so far as to say the specific formula used for the plot is unique when taken as a whole but that's really just me trying to find something to say other than it was contrived and average.

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It doesn't help that this was supposed to be Seinen and Chinami x Oguri is pretty much a strictly Shoujo pairing. What's it about? God i love them!!

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God i love them!! It might not be any less predictable but the normal formula of treating Oguri as a distraction and having Chinami remember his feelings for Yuika in an attempt at a "surprise" ending would have still felt a bit forced but it would have at least made sense. I'll get back to you later with more if you want hehe. In spite of a rather exciting first kiss, he was reduced to being a stalker plot device. What makes it offensive is the assumption that becoming a girl would flip some kind of switch and make him suddenly see boys as attractive when he previously showed no such inclination. Then again, plot was never really the strong suit of this series. Posts: Karma: 3 Oh i heard of Onisama-e, but i never saw it. It doesn't help that this was supposed to be Seinen and Chinami x Oguri is pretty much a strictly Shoujo pairing.
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