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If local market of a company is strong trend setting it helps the companies to anticipate global trends. Customer demands and attitudes regarding the quality and ability to adopted new thing forces the business to develop innovative products to achieve competitive advantage over local and foreign suppliers. Strategic Management Journal Smit, A. Strategic management journal, 12 S2 , This intense demand, combined with high expectations, keeps competition high. This article will explain the four main components and include two components that are often included in this model: the role of the Government and Chance. It will be determined by a multitude of social, political, and legal factors. Government Governments can play a powerful role in encouraging the development of industries and companies both at home and abroad. Examples of large clusters are the Swiss watch industry and the Hollywood film industry. As an example of an advanced factor, MIT produces graduates with very high computing skills. The government can thus assist the development of the four aforementioned factors in the way that should benefit the industries in a certain country. Businesses within clusters usually stimulate each other to increase productivity, foster innovation and improve business results. By satisfying all determinants in the Porter Diamond model, the German car industry has built a sustainable national competitive advantage.

Traditionally, economic and international trade theories indicates below factors for comparative advantage for regions or countries: Land Labor And Local population size Michael E Porter says that nations or sustained industrial growth can create new advanced factor endowments like skilled management and labor, advance technology, government support and culture.

It is not clear how the model applies in the service economy.

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If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our Free Newsletter for the latest posts on Management models and methods. But they also include factors like quality of research or liquidity on stock markets and natural resources like climate, minerals, oil and these could be reasons for creating an international competitive position. Not all firms which begin in the home country within a specific industry are successful. This, in turn, feeds a software competitive advantage for the United States. These factor can be changed by business through learning from already successful businesses. Only advanced factor conditions can generate competitive advantage. So all local as well as international companies makes their strategies keeping in view there targeted customers, government policies and laws, and international operating companies also need to know about tariffs and custom duties. The Italian shoe industry benefits from a highly competent pool of related businesses and industries, which has strengthened the competitiveness of the Italian shoe industry world-wide. The basic factors are built upon by companies to more advanced factors of competition. Some of these properties of Japanese cultures of adopted by several countries. Being a global center for engineering excellence keeps the industry evolving at a rate which is difficult for competitors to keep up with. Nations thus gain competitive advantage in industries where the local customers give companies a clearer or earlier picture of emerging buyer needs, and where demanding customers pressure companies to innovate faster and achieve more sustainable competitive advantages than their foreign rivals. In comparison, Danish firms are often more flat and organic, which leads to advantages within industries such as biochemistry and design.

The determinants that Michael Porter distinguishes are: 1. More information Porter, M. Regions, provinces and countries may differ greatly from one another and factors like management, working morale and interactions between companies are shaped differently in different cultures.

These factors provides competitive advantage as those other business and industries situated around the world cannot buy or develop such factors.

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Factor Conditions. History of the people in a region, education level of the people all influence customer demand conditions. Mobile usage becomes cheaper and cheaper so it accessible for everybody. Government of county x stimulates Mobile Market regulation. Clusters lead to productivity increases, higher innovation rates and faster new business developments. Resources include such things as human resources, capital resources, natural resources, infrastructure, and knowledge resources. Governments can play an active role in supporting the development of clusters countering the notion of public laissez-fair, or the principle of no regulation. Another advanced factor for the US is having a large pool of venture capital seeking to invest in technology startups. This explains why Saudi Arabia is one of the largest exporters of oil worldwide.

Demand Conditions The home demand largely affects how favorable industries within a certain nation are. Factor Conditions Factor conditions refer to the different types of resources that may or may not be present within a nation.

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