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Lower Division Course Offerings The Legal Studies Department offers two lower division seminars, one specifically for freshmen, and another for both freshmen and sophomores. Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. LS AC — Restorative Justice 4 units Area IV This course will examine the theory and practice of restorative justice, with an emphasis on the ways that criminal justice systems implicate the emotions and the social integration of both victims and offenders.

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Any of the three sections can be added and still count towards the major, but it is best to sign up for our section LS AC. It illuminates the conceptual frames, methodological tools, and substantive findings that come to the front when the focus is on how youth make sense of their own lives, assert their own views of justice and law, and act on one another. We will pay particular attention to accounts of the origins of the Athenian legal system; criticisms and defenses of the democracy; arguments about the nature of justice, law, and legal obligation; and the context of the Athenian way of organizing trials, taxation, and administration. This course, which will be co-taught by a historian and corporate law professor, will examine critical junctures in the intersection of Wall Street and Main Street in American history and culture, how and why Wall Street and Main Street have been understood to point in opposite directions, the extent to which that understanding makes sense, and how and why the relationship between Wall Street and Main Street has evolved over time. We will consider competing explanations of the causes of crime, and assess strategies for crime prevention and control, both within the criminal justice system and beyond it. We will examine that movement as it has emerged both nationally and in the state of Arizona. Through this comparative framework students will learn basic constitutional theory as well as explore some of the major constitutional debates in Israeli contemporary law. Students will be expected to apply the analysis to a broad array of legal issues.

The constitutional theory part of the course will discuss the formation of Israeli constitution in comparison with the structure of other constitutions such as the U.

R1B courses must be taken for a letter grade. Although the emphasis is on England, there will be some consideration of differences between English and continental European legal thought. We also have R1B courses that will fulfill the second half of the Reading and Composition requirement.

The three units of HB only not HAcount towards the 32 required for the major as one of the two courses that must be taken in the same Area for the Distribution requirement for the New Plan.

It highlights basic theoretical problems and scholarly methods for understanding questions of law and justice.

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Students should secure the consent of the supervising faculty member prior to the first week of the semester in which they would like to enroll. What are the implications for efforts to remedy historic intergroup conflict and discrimination? These will be the central questions of this course.

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Legal Studies Courses under the New Plan