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He was raised to the peerage in Eliot 's famous phrase, it has "only the unity and continuity of a diary" instead of the clear direction of a philosophical statement. With a striking good looking beard, Tennyson will be the artist of many thought provoking texts, many texts that will later be argued over and discussed for centuries. This vast poem nearly 3, lines is divided into sections, with prologue and epilogue; the size is appropriate for what it undertakes, since in coming to terms with loss, grief, and the growth of consolation, it touches on most of the intellectual issues at the center of the Victorian consciousness: religion, immortality, geology, evolution, the relation of the intellect to the unconscious, the place of art in a workaday world, the individual versus society, the relation of man to nature, and as many others. Tennyson's use of the musical qualities of words to emphasise his rhythms and meanings is sensitive. She is, in fact, apotheosised into an almost angelic figure, endowed with a divine blessing l. Works Cited"crag. My next decision was to pick one of his poems to research.

Hallam's death nearly crushed him, but it also provided the stimulus for a great outburst of some of the finest poems he ever wrote, many of them connected overtly or implicitly with the loss of his friend. His son's biography confirms that Tennyson was an unorthodox Christian, noting that Tennyson praised Giordano Bruno and Spinoza on his deathbed, saying of Bruno, "His view of God is in some ways mine", in It was at university that Tennyson met Arthur Hallam, who became a close friend, and joined a group of students who called themselves the Apostles.

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One life, one flag, one fleet, one Throne! Lord Byron was a dominant influence on the young Tennyson. Tennyson had totally deteriorated mentally and physically, and he left little but debts to his family, although he had enjoyed a good income and a large allowance from his father. Armstrong , pp. It was at university that Tennyson met Arthur Hallam, who became a close friend, and joined a group of students who called themselves the Apostles. That poem alone would be enough to justify the entire volume. But the grant to him at this time, by the prime minister, Sir Robert Peel, helped stop his worries in financial matters. Wordsworth, who had been poet laureate for seven years, had died in the spring of He left Cambridge without taking a degree, and his grandfather made financial arrangements for the family.

To Tennyson this was a dream that he thought would never come true. InDante Gabriel Rossetti and William Holman Hunt made a list of "Immortals", artistic heroes whom they admired, especially from literature, notably including Keats and Tennyson, whose work would form subjects for PRB paintings.

The Victorian Era was brought about upon to show rebellion from the Romantic period. The Princess, which was published on Christmaswas Tennyson's first attempt at a long narrative poem, a form that tempted him most of his life although it was less congenial to him temperamentally than the lyric.

The influence of John Keats and other Romantic poets published before and during his childhood is evident from the richness of his imagery and descriptive writing.

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Although she has been blinded by the pomp and wealth of the foreign visitor herself, she soon realises that true feelings are more important than symbolic material property, and she acts accordingly.

For the rest of his life Tennyson was to be caught awkwardly between being unable to resist the flattery implied by their attentions and the knowledge that their admiration of him usually sprang from the wrong reasons.

The widow and her eleven children were so improvident that they seemed incapable of living on the allowance, and they were certainly not able to support themselves otherwise.

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A memorial was erected in All Saints' Church, Freshwater. With the king already far removed in eternity l. Considering how long he worked on the poem, the result is amazingly successful, although perhaps more so when the poem is represented schematically than in the actual experience of reading it. Dramin , p. It will also have to deal with what may be called undercurrents of doubt, since even for the Victorians themselves, the notion of optimism seems not to have been wholly unambiguous. The first edition was quickly sold out, and subsequent editions appeared almost every year for several decades. Free trade, for that is what is meant by this remark, was an important issue of the time. He is as important as he is because his work is exceptional in many ways. Tennyson lost his father and best friend within the length of two years, which led him to write this piece. The Poems of Tennyson in Three Volumes. Edgar Allan Poe wrote guardedly, "I am not sure that Tennyson is not the greatest of poets. It all brought out the least attractive side of a fundamentally shy man, whose paroxysms of inability to deal with social situations made him seem selfish, bad-mannered, and assertive. Partial list of works[ edit ] Alfred Tennyson, portrait by P. Tennyson's father, who had a strong streak of mental instability, reacted to his virtual disinheritance by taking to drink and drugs, making the home atmosphere so sour that the family spoke of the "black blood" of the Tennysons.

People's thoughts and ideas also changed with the development of the country. Tennyson's grandfather naturally felt that it was hardly worth his while to keep Alfred and his two elder brothers at Cambridge when it was only too apparent that they were profiting little from their studies and showed no promise of ever being able to support themselves.

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Lord Alfred Tennyson As A Victorian