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Implementing Office Before starting to switch employees from the traditional desktop Office suite to OfficeTikoian spent several weeks talking to staff members to understand how they worked and to allay any misgivings they had about moving to the new system.

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Since the interface is relatively consistent regardless of the device used to access Office applications, Levick employees didn't need additional training for different devices or operating systems.

The process was cumbersome and inefficient; something had to change. Migration To ensure that the upgrade did not disrupt employee productivity the company embarked on a two-phased approach.

The team originally consisted of seven employees who each have multiple roles within the business.

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We attended site on the Monday after the weekend migration to ensure all post-migration issues are dealt with as quickly as possible. Back-up of critical business data was a manual process that was being performed at the end of the business day, using external USB drives. With the Legal Hold capability, it can easily set holds on individual or groups of mailboxes, perform searches, and retain messages to meet PCI compliance. Join our list! Once the migration was underway ITD performed a number of email tests to ensure everything was in working order. Email our sales team - darren. It has been revolutionary in that sense.

Microsoft IT solutions partner New Signature assisted in the planning, implementation, and migration. Some initial training was provided on the new interface and the employees were given some time before phase two - moving the email to Office We also agreed that the e-mail service needed to improve as a key objective prior to growing the business.

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Interested in the services we provide? When combined with other tools in the workplace, leaders can gain a deeper understanding of how things like company culture and employee engagement are affecting that productivity. With the technical information acquired and migration dates agreed, ITD was then able to build and configure the new Office infrastructure in the background ready for the agreed email migration weekend.

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