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To sum up, mov ing to the United States was an important change in my life because of giving me the chance to have a healthy lifestyle and a new way of thinking.

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I jump at the opportunity to entertain; every birthday celebration, sorority function, and weekend vacation has my name written all over it. Heck, the last one would be the time I crawled up and then rolled down the stairs as a baby.

Tech plays somewhat differently across education, income Across education and income levels, Americans are consistent in the events they name as historic, with a few notable variations.

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You fell in love for the first time. However, the proportions of each generation who share this view differ significantly. While reviewing the Looking into the Past assignment I decided on the two events listed in the following pages to explain how these events and the Brofenbrenner theory affected me.

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You had a baby, witnessed the birth of your child or adopted a child. Another activity we did, that had a major impact on me, was the concert. You built a home life. In the photo is my mom Back then dad Back then Me, my little brother, and my older brother. You did something that changed your perspective. You took a road trip. What should or could be included in your memoir? Its consequences were greater than those of any other event of the war.

The one exception to this pattern is the views of blacks and whites. Not surprisingly, events related to the black struggle for equal rights also have particular relevance to black Americans, though far less so for whites.

Being that I was only 16 at that time with a newborn arriving in August, I was still a senior in high school. You earned an award.

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She stays silent, her breath still heaving from the heated argument that presumably ended. My important event in my childhood is when I won my drums recital at age 7 because I won the competition against 30 other drummers. Perhaps the most significant finding is that there is much less agreement on this front than when it comes to naming events that are historically important, in that no one answer is named by more than a quarter of the public. Related Posts. I think that is the most important event in my childhood because I was able to accomplish something at a very young age and it just brings me joy and all my competitors looked up and idolized me that time. You graduated from college or university. Not every event on this list will be applicable to you, but a good number of them will. Step in and comfort her, a voice say. This method of cooking vegetables helps me absorb more vitamins from them. Share Age 1 : This picture was when I went to the park for the first time. By knowing more about different cultures, I have become more considerate and understanding of various habits as well as behaviors from different races. You met someone on a trip who changed your perspective.

Do they make you smile when you think of what happened? Kennedy, and the Vietnam War.

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Most Significant Event in Your Lifetime? Survey Says 9/11