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This study was aimed at understanding how extra-class academic experiences, particularly internships, contribute to the development of career adaptability and to the transition between the roles of student and professional in undergraduates. The interviews were subsequently content analyzed.

Self-concept can be understood as the image people hold of themselves in the different roles they play across the lifetime, like son or daughter for example, father or mother, student or worker.

I knew there would be little Engineering work but, as I wasn't doing anything I decided to take it. The work environment was described as an important element in the trainees' affective bonding with the institutions and in their interest to continue. Thus, departing from the internship, the student or both, it is observed that task diversification can offer a range of options for trainees to experiment and assess the results of these reality tests Super et al.

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Teaching in Higher Education, 11 1 , It provides every kind of banking facilities to their customer to ensure the customer satisfaction. Addressing the college-to-work transition: Implications for university career counselors. It is possible that successful workers enjoy working at successful companies, however, the Watson Wyatt Worldwide Human Capital Index study claims that effective human resources practices, such as employee recognition programs, lead to positive financial outcomes more often than positive financial outcomes lead to good practices. Social Psychology Quarterly, 63 4 , Conversely, a supervisor who is antisocial, unfriendly, and unwilling to communicate will naturally receive negative feedback and create low job satisfaction in their subordinates in the workplace. Besides curiosity, confidence is a fundamental dimension for the transition to the professional role. Finally, the Faces Scale of job satisfaction, one of the first scales used widely, measured overall job satisfaction with just one item which participants respond to by choosing a face. The opposite was also verified: trainees who had gone through a work experience in a formal and well-organized environment felt more familiar with the responsibilities and routines, and also more confident to satisfactory perform a professional function. Participants were informed about the study objectives and signed an Informed Consent Term before starting to participate, taking all due ethical caution. Affective job satisfaction is a subjective construct representing an emotional feeling individuals have about their job. The second category was called "Relevant Educational Experiences" and covers the main professional development activities the participants mentioned. Job satisfaction can be understood in terms of its relationships with other key factors, such as general well-being, stress at work, control at work, home-work interface, and working conditions.

The elaboration of a quantitative instrument would grant access to countless and diversified samples, which would grant further knowledge about the quality of college students' internship experiences. As graduation came closer, I was thinking I had to become more serious like Emotional dissonance is associated with high emotional exhaustion, low organizational commitment, and low job satisfaction.

Although these internship experiences often permit contact with a work environment, they do not allow students to occupy a distinguished position but, on the opposite, pass them tasks that go beyond practice in their specialty area.

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It enables every facial appearance that limited commercial bank requires. And with his suggestion I decided to prepare an internship report on this topic.

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