Outline the importance of an individual s contribution to the organization and the factors affecting

The mean age for the sample was Many of the physical health issues associated with burnout are related to emotional exhaustion and are similar to the physical health correlates of prolonged stress Maslach et al.

factors that affect work performance

One aspect of the organizational environment related to burnout is organizational climate. There are a variety of factors, personal, company-based and external that affect their performance.

Additionally, one study specifically examined the relationship between transformational leadership and burnout in leaders and subordinates across 54 mental health teams.

Proportional stratified random sampling from 19 provinces was used.

Example of organizational factors

Because Thai local wisdom, such as the knowledge of how to weave silk cloth, to mold pottery, and to carve, is the tacit knowledge that has been passed on from generation to generation. One aspect of the organizational environment related to burnout is organizational climate. The employees in their own way contribute to the culture of the workplace. Another aspect of the work environment hypothesized to be related to burnout relates to characteristics of team leaders. In this study, we treat the local wisdom as institution-based knowledge. Steve Jobs' original mission statement for Apple is a great example that describes in a few words both the company's ultimate goal, "To make a contribution to the world," and how it intends to reach that goal, "by making tools for the mind that advance humankind. Providers were asked to describe the average amount of time they spent engaging in each of six categories of work performing assessments, case management, counseling, administrative tasks, time in supervision, time supervising, time traveling using a 5 point Likert scale from 0 not at all to 4 to a very great extent. As Aeimtitiwat found, top management in Thai firms may have no willingness to take risks from too many solutions.

Fourth, it assists in identifying gaps in the knowledge base and provides processes to fill the gaps in order to aid innovation. Potential participants were contacted by researchers who discussed the study.

Similarly, Pearce and Manz also suggest that individual self-leadership can be effectively encouraged through organizational reward and training. When the market crashes, these industries have no other option than to terminate the employees and eventually affect the culture of the place.

An employee's organizational environment has also been shown to be related to increased levels of burnout Maslach et al. Most existing literature suggests that organizational knowledge management influences individual creativity, rather than affects directly on individual innovation.

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Factors That Affect Employee Performance in a Organization