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Mr Hoa himself was prepared by the time I was taken there by the translator from backstreet and the arrangement of the workshop was well designed. So, again I have very sensitive eyes, I had no redness or irritation. Download Step 2: Using Mesh to Create a Mask Armature To create the base of our mask we are going to use sculpting mesh to form the shape which will be covered with paper mache strips.

I love the scent of the mask and the ease of applying it Then, remove the other protective sheet.

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Especially if you have kids who are getting twitchy, this is the way to spend a few hours in Hanoi. Update: After taking off the mask I noticed redness but again, I have extremely sensitive skin so I wouldn't use my review as a baseline especially if you have normal skin. Also there is tons of eyecream in the step 2 packet. I noticed it has a very strong cucumber scent so I looked at the ingredients and it has some good ones like aloe and glycerin, BUT it also has alcohol denat which is drying and irritating and so much menthol I had to take it off after less than 5 minutes. I did need to adjust the under the eye, but loved how my face felt after use. My acne has been bad since my freshman year of high school. Especially since i was not expecting the experience to be truly a unique and local experience. That freaks me out. Step 4 Remove mask and pat remaining essence onto your skin.

I pull it out of package at put it on. I love the way my skin felt the next morning! My somewhat sensitive skin doesn't look much different than my simply freshly washed face slightly pinkish cheeks and chin with a few pimples in each area.

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Also, when I took it off, My forehead and cheeks were extremely red and irritated, but that may just be because of my sensitive skin. Overall, a fun afternoon of getting our hands dirty with paper mache and being creative. Really disappointed and regretting that i bought two of them.

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It isn't unbearable but I'm wondering how skin will react after I take it off.

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