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One of his most notable positions was serving as a sort of political advisor to the Borgia family.

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Ever since the 16th century, when manuscript copies of his great work The Prince began to circulate in Europe, his family name has been used to describe a particularly nasty form of politics: calculating, cutthroat and self-interested. Socrates and Machiavelli, both philosophers in what it means to be a proper leader and the role of the people within a society, share contrasting views.

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On the surface these two goals may seem similar but the difference lies in the way the authors handle the subject of power The Prince introduced a whole new way of thinking that was almost completely contrary to present beliefs. Yet this work has been vehemently debated over the centuries and remains one of the most controversial pieces of writing today. Because the poor cannot fight back. Why will everyone not merely believe but praise a head of state when he claims to be waging war, rigorously enforcing the law, or raising taxes for the sake of the true faith or humanity? He shows us the world by using simple terms and drawing clear-cut examples. This tactic works especially well in business, but it can also work in argument. The memories of ancient liberty never die, so a prince will be better off destroying the republic or personally occupying the conquered state. Machiavelli, alive during the time of great political turmoil in Italy, is immortalized through his writings in The Prince.

For Machiavelli, religious bodies in politics are generally east to hold onto, because religion itself helps politics to be sustainable.

On the surface these two goals may seem similar but the difference lies in the way the authors handle the subject of power He was educated in Latin and then studied at the University of Florence.

This idea has of "means justifying the ends" has been a staple in History 's most prosperous of societies.

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They will demand ever more offices and goods as the price of their continued support. Thanaw, The point here is that, when he actually opposes the presence of Church in politics, he advocate just the opposite.

The most valuable information was not necessarily something you knew about an enemy but something you knew about a friend.

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