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Still I have tried to touch all the main points and also have tried to speak my heart out. They are far from families, but they will ensure the safety of their citizens. It would not be wrong to say that Indian army is like the heart of a body. Our soldiers have proved their mettle in these wars.

Even if they manage to get leaves somehow, the possibility of the leaves being called off cannot be ruled out. However, they do their best to overcome all the challenges and take it as their responsibility to guard their country and countrymen. There are two answers to the ambition of my life, but my goal is to become an ias representative.

Besides these, Indian army has also handled some smaller conflicts like Siachen conflictOperation PoloIndia-China conflict etc.

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Strength building exercises continue throughout their lives until they retire. Havildar Abdul Hamid single handily destroyed six Pakistani tanks with his jeep mounted recoilless rifle and died trying to destroy the seventh.

They are faced with numerous challenges but they overcome all these as they are determined to achieve their goals.

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It is only because of the help rendered by them along with local authorities; the situations come under control.

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