Sleep deprivation and cognition

The effect of 6 h restricted sleep corresponded to 1 night of total SD in psychomotor vigilance and digit symbol. Sleep deprivation biases the neural mechanisms underlying economic preferences. Fatigue, alcohol and performance impairment.

Thus, self-evaluation is likely to be more accurate when subjects can compare their performance with baseline. The opposite results were obtained with one night of SD Forest and Godbout Temporal memory for faces recall deteriorated during 36 h of SD, although in the same study, face recognition remained intact Harrison and Horne In addition, differences in essential study elements, like the age and gender of participants, as well as the duration of SD, further complicate comparison of the results.

Am J Psychol. Killgore WD 1. In previous studies, long-term memory has been measured with a variety of tasks, and the results are somewhat inconsistent.

effects of sleep deprivation

If one has already invested a great deal of time and effort in the participation, motivation to follow through may be increased.

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Effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive performance