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According 17 The Channel Tunnel: A Project Management Perspective to one of the project executives of the Eurotunnel Fairweather,one of the main reasons was that banks that were investing in the project often re-negotiated contracts, proposing different methods of compensation for different aspects of the project.

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Following the choice of the Channel Tunnel proposal, the scope of the project was defined as a linkage to connect transportation networks of France and the UK. They set up two international regulatory bodies, both funded entirely at the expense of Eurotunnel. When the IGC finally made the decision, they had miss the best chance to solve the problems. Two TBMs were driven to underground and inland towards the terminal. It would be possible to quantize risk and insure individual risks accordingly, though this would indeed make planning more complex. The impact of these risks are elaborated below. This proposal included a At the time of planning in the mids, the project managers could not have predicted the trend of budget airlines, as well as falling costs of intermodal transportation in general. However, the team also recommends that, regardless of the cost, at least some part of common infrastructure should in fact be funded with public funding as well, to reflect and exercise the public good as a valid stakeholder interest. Neither had any responsibility for the costs of their decrees. One example was that TML had used seismic design criteria that were used for nuclear power plants in both countries.

Literature Review The literature review was conducted for this student project with an initial preference for primary sources. These purely technical issues were not the priority in this report.

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The use of the better equipment resulted in a higher quality of work, providing an unexpected benefit. The team was unable to find these original documents. The negotiations of key components of the contract for the project did not yield the most favorable teams for effective delivery, but rather the most favorable terms for the bankers who were underwriting key portions of the project.

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These problems, combined with the less-experienced machine operators and the initial failures of the machine, raised concerns about the ability to increase the speed of excavation. The following table details the breakdown of the yearly estimate for the year The Definition phase details the organization, planning, design and initial contract. There were many private investors, each only footing a smaller fraction of the total estimated cost as per their risk appetite. Finally, a brief discussion of the high-level risk analysis from a managerial perspective were discussed. The team also recommends a high-level integrated project management team IPT , with members representing all aspects of interest in the project. Literature Review The literature review was conducted for this student project with an initial preference for primary sources. Wood, S. The equivalent of this suggestion in the Channel Tunnel project would have been an IPT that had representatives from the national governments instead of a separate IGC , technical experts, and project leads from both Eurotunnel and TML. The trains could change tunnels through two artificial caverns known as the English and French Crossovers.

More importantly, the lack of communication during the initial phases led to differences of opinion in the later stages. See Appendix for more details.

It is however worth noting that the EU liberalization of public transport has triggered competitions and changes in tariff policies has led to the unplanned deficit.

The trains running through the Channel Tunnel were to carry cars, buses and trucks as well. Mismanagement carries a high price.

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Had the driver stayed with his truck -- as originally intended -- he might have detected the fire before the train ever entered the tunnel. The scheme comes orginally from the BOT approach where transfer happens right after the contracted operating period.

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