The figurative elements in counting graves a poem by the steinmenauts

I love you! Several students noted Trump is strong on the pathos but lacks in logos.

counting graves poem lyrics

Finally, we held a performance day where students performed their multi-voiced piece. To apologize for even being gay in the first place. Medicine, Security, Money managing.

louder than a bomb

By considering the points of view of those affected in the issue, students exposed points of view as a method to convey the dimensions of the issue and evoke pathos in the audience.

This piece is definitely not cliche because it has an originality when it comes to pathos, and because of that, I would not change anything about it.

And as we moved from the single- voiced pieces to the multi-voiced pieces, students realized that the additional voices impacted the message.

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Rhetoric in Spoken Word: Analysis, Response, Writing, and Speaking for Change