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There is still no sign that anyone is present inside the building or willing to let him in. MacDonald reveals to Jeremiah that the static noise in the message included short bursts of pure sound "dots"similar to Morse codebut no "dashes. Never the least stir made the listeners, Though every word he spake Fell echoing through the shadowiness of the still house From the one man left awake: Ay, they heard his foot upon the stirrup, And the sound of iron on stone, And how the silence surged softly backward, When the plunging hoofs were gone.

In regards to the rhythm chosen by de la Mare, it is anapestic in nature.

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This poem is an excellent example of what is known as evocative supernaturalism. Many quotations and some of the text are in Spanish as the first Robert MacDonald's wife is Hispanic , and both characters speak the language. The Traveller is in a solitary state throughout the piece and the forces inside the house represent loneliness in their very being. De la Mare chose to create rhyming pairs that are separated by un-rhyming lines. The Reply arrives, containing a vast encyclopedia of Capellan knowledge and art. MacDonald releases the news to the entire world. Perhaps he had some reason to expect that there would be someone there. This leads one to believe that it is large building or even a castle-like home.

This is indeed an unnerving idea. Accessed Italic type is often used.

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MacDonald and the scientists see it is an avian humanoid with vestigial wings and a space helmet around its head. They are at the door of a house on which the Traveller is knocking.

The listeners

Robert MacDonald is a year-old linguist and electrical engineer who is director of The Project, an attempt to listen for attempts at interstellar communication. This explains his inability to attract the attention of those inside, and can also explain his reason for being there — perhaps he is caught in a limbo-type state, still holding moral obligations in the real world. This is indeed an unnerving idea. He is expecting to be greeted by someone, but no one answers his calls. Indeed, not knowing the details of the situation is all part of the fear and drama of the poem. He is not being tentative about his desire to gain entry in to the building. But no one descended to the Traveller; No head from the leaf-fringed sill Leaned over and looked into his grey eyes, Where he stood perplexed and still. Jeremiah initially believes the image represents an angel with a halo around its head. This leads one to believe that it is large building or even a castle-like home. Dallas, Tex. Although his son idolized him, Maria could no longer handle the strain and left with Bobby. They dissolve into the shadows. Again this makes the poem more ghostly.

The message is badly degraded by static, but appears to be early radio and audio-only television signals beamed back at the Earth from an alien race. Beyond these literal interpretations is a general theme of loneliness.

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Gunn wrote the stories which would become the book induring a sabbatical from his job as an administrative assistant to the Chancellor for University Relations at the University of Kansas.

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