The newspaper as a learning tool

Ask a different student at the end of each class to find an interesting newspaper article and to summarise it to the other students during the next class, explaining why they chose it.

As a follow-up to the activity, you might ask students to design their own ads using one of the propaganda techniques studied. Transference -- the association of a respected person with a product or idea.

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Certainly then, this is another important reason for using national newspapers in the college classroom. We challenge and invite our readers to consider further how the use of national newspapers can and will enhance the effectiveness of college teaching and learning.

National newspapers help students anticipate trends and understand rapidly changing events.

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The New York Times presents daily to its readers as full and unbiased a coverage of the news as its great staff can gather, but it is the teachers who must train the minds of the young readers to understand and evaluate what they find in the news columns.

Take 15 minutes every day for informal discussion of the news of the preceding day. College students need comprehensive information. Furthermore, newspapers do all this with considerably less cost than one would have to pay for the number of books it would take to achieve the same outcome.

The s and s saw growing interest in the social and political implications of illiteracy, which is still an area of concern. When the stories have been completed, provide each student with the story that originally accompanied the headline. Remind students to make a note of the answers to their questions.

In order for students to become more independent and increase their active learning, they must be able to find, evaluate, and communicate information independently. What physical characteristics of the country might have contributed to the events in the story?

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