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Some people said yes and struggled to make American society more welcoming. But the Court ruled that as a "domestic dependent nation" the Cherokee lacked the standing to sue in US courts that would allow the Court to enforce their rights. Besides his abiding suspicion of banks and especially paper money, Jackson believed the states—not the federal government—should be where most all legislating took place.

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Jackson then marched his army overland to New Orleans , where he arrived early in December. Although women could not vote or hold office, they played an important role in politics as people who controlled influence. After Jackson and Calhoun had a falling out, Jackson leaned heavily upon Van Buren to help him administer the affairs of state. Although the couple had legally remarried in , the press accused Rachel Jackson of bigamy. The new Pennsylvania constitution disenfranchised even one of the richest people in Philadelphia. Thus, Americans west of the Appalachians saw them as hypocrites. His first year in office, a horse-drawn wagon would carry six people or one ton of cargo twenty miles per day. In congress passed a compromise bill which set a new tariff, when the other southern states accepted the new tariff the threat of S. As leader of the Tennessee militia, during the War of Andrew Jackson decisively defeated the Creek Indians allied with the British. At age thirteen, he joined an American militia unit in the Revolutionary War. Wellman, Judith. He also stated that the federal government could not forbid slavery in U.

Persons have come miles to see General Jackson and they really seem to think the country has been rescued from some general disaster. Since no candidate won a majority, the House of Representatives had to decide on the victor, according to the Twelfth Amendment.

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While it is not clear why Jackson consciously chose to practice law, it is clear why he selected a career that would take him away from his birthplace in the Waxhaw District straddling North and South Carolina, where he was born on March 15, No respectable lady who wanted to protect her own reputation could exchange visits with her, invite her to social events, or be seen chatting with her.

He and many of his supporters blamed the bank for the Panic ofwhich had become a severe economic depression. Jackson's Vice President: John C.

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South Carolina rescinded nullification for the tariffs but nullified the Force Bill.

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Biography of Andrew Jackson