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Nelsonis not quite so embraceable, but only because he is protective. Advertisement So I was sitting there, cringing, knowing with uncanny certainty where the story was going.

How that happens is, she's a Canadian in danger of being deported -- she imperiously ignored the law -- and now she figures if she gets married, she'll get her green card. There's also plenty of innuendo, as well as couple of passionate kisses and a comical scene featuring a flabby exotic dancer in a G-string.

Bullock is a likable actress in the right roles, which she has been avoiding frequently since " Speed 2: Cruise Control "which I liked more than she did. Betty White, at 87, makes her character 89 and performs a Native American sunrise ceremony beside a campfire in the forest, which is not easy, especially in the Alaskan summer when the sun hardly sets.

On the plus side, it's done great business, so we might get to see Bullock and Reynolds back in something soon. The parents' guide to what's in this movie.

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The one and only thing this storyline has going for it, in my opinion, is the racial diversity. The big "naked fall" scene is played for laughs, but it had to hurt Of course, after the success story of Jess and Nathan from last week's premiere, fans are keen to know how Gary and Mika's romance has progressed since the show wrapped.

Sep 04, am By Tina Burke It's the reality series that sees suitors and suitresses engaged within the hour, and The Proposal's unique format has quickly won over fans. Stay up to date on new reviews. She does know tacos exist outside of L.

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The Proposal Movie Review