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Technological resources and the direction of corporate diversification: Toward an integration of. Markets, bureaucracies and groups in the information society: An institutional appraisal of the impacts of information technology.

Journal of global information management, 13 3 : Links from this theory to other theories.

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Here is what Coase himself says: At my school Yannis Bakos, J. Coase's career in economics came as a result of some odd circumstances. Technical dialog as an incentive for vertical integration in the semiconductor industry.

Coase describes in his article "The Problem of Social Cost" the transaction costs he is concerned with: In order to carry out a market transaction it is necessary to discover who it is that one wishes to deal with, to conduct negotiations leading up to a bargain, to draw up the contract, to undertake the inspection needed to make sure that the terms of the contract are being observed, and so on.

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This approach sometimes goes under the rubric of New Institutional Economics.

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Transaction cost economics