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They expect each article to be no longer than 2, words. They accept submissions for several sections of their site, including the Wildlife, Adventure, and Desert Lore sections.

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Backpacker publishes articles that target the backpacking and hiking communities. They encourage freelancers to submit articles no longer than 3, words. Their pieces cover foot-based travel, backcountry experience, North American destinations, and other topics that they highlight. As you sit, sipping a steaming latte, you scribble in your notebook about your world travels. Traveltalk is an Australian travel trade publication that also has consumer readership. They expect each feature article to not exceed the 2, words limit. If you pitch a profile, there must be a good reason for highlighting that person for that month, and a new take on the person is important. You can also write about unique people, cities, off the beaten path destinations etc. They aim to respond to submissions within 30 days.

Backpacker Magazine expects freelancers to be familiar with the publication before writing, and they have painstakingly listed — on their website — attributes they expect each piece to have. MatadorU allows you to hunt for opportunities with specific calls for submissions and market leads posted regularly by their editorial team.

Porthole Cruise Magazine is a consumer focused travel magazine on the topic of cruises and cruising. They accept pitches from freelance writers. They are currently looking for descriptive and in-depth, but concise writing to inspire people to explore new places.

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The pitch should demonstrate advance research and original ideas on the part of the writer. Adventure Travel Pay: Unspecified Adventure Travel Magazine is dedicated to covering active outdoor travel — in particular, trekking and mountaineering.

The editor here is a very smart and thorough guy named Greg. They have the same submission guidelines.

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Some countries have very strict visa policies, making it difficult to stay for a long time and actually get some work done. They also have an editorial internship program.

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Features are 2, to 2, words.

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