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Executive Summaries Yet sage has been eradicated by spraying, which will make these animals suffer.

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This displays the way that they take for granted what they have, and by doing this in this way she is continuing her sardonic tone. Summary of Chapter 6: Humans have a narrow idea of plants, thinking of some as immediately useful and others as weeds in the way.

It is not possible to kill only one kind of insect without killing beneficial organisms as well.

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The long syntax throughout gives the effect of a rant, as one ranting does not pay attention to the details of this type, they just want to get their point across, and Jamaica Kincaid did.

The most alarming news is that some chemicals remained in the soil even fifteen years after being used.

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Salarino and Solanio suggest that his sadness must be due to his commercial investments, for Antonio has dispatched several trade ships to var See a Problem? Kincaid is not referring to direct exploitation of others though she does mention one government minister who runs a brothel ; rather, she refers to a more spiritual form of exploitation.

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In fact he believes that it should be as important as all core subject of education such as math and languages. Study Guide for A Small Place. Throughout the book her sarcasm and resentment towards the postcolonial state of the country cannot be missed. The place the traveler is visiting, such as Antigua in A Small Place, is simply a commodity; something that is purchased to enjoy for a short time. It can be anywhere from pages long, depending on the report's length. I knew this is where the next step of my journey would take me. She also creates pathos for the unfortunate people that tourists ponder at by saying such things about how it is not their fault they live like this. However, one of the things Kincaid despises most about the old Antigua was its cultural subservience to England.
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