Understanding stakeholders and the importance of

Stakeholders mainly depend upon the nature of project, job of the project manager is not only identifying the potential stakeholders but also menage the influence of stakeholders to ensure positive outcome.

Actually where you draw the boundary is not important in identifying stakeholders, it merely helps in the thought process of ensuring you have identified them to start with. Reducing and Uncovering Risk The more you engage and involve stakeholders, the more you will reduce and uncover risks on your project.

This practice will also help increase trust of project team and strengthen the position of project team which will definitely increase the chances of project success.

why stakeholder management is important to project success

Stay up to date about water entrepreneurship! Identifying them, understanding their level of effect on a project, and satisfying their demands, needs, and expectations is essential for the success of the project. Is this stakeholder already identified through another relationship?

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The simple answer to this question is they fall into two groups; those that are internal to your company or organization and those that are external to it. Vendors who see your business as more than just a sales opportunity will go the extra mile to make sure you have the materials you need to make sales and generate revenue, and they may even extend flexible terms if they know you're struggling financially.

If nothing else, better understanding where key stakeholders are coming from enables you to better plan your work with that in mind. Do they have the ability to support you work or hinder it and depending on this answer what do you want to do about that? Create the highest quality products you can, so your customers will go the extra mile to help you keep providing them.

Explain why multiple stakeholders are important to the strategic planning process

One group of stakeholders that can often be forgotten is customers, the whole reason why your work is being undertaken in the first place. Providing Expertise Stakeholders are a wealth of knowledge about current processes, historical information, and industry insight. Many times these team members will have been at the company or on the project longer than the project manager or project team. Treat your employees well and pay them fairly, so they'll work towards your mutual success. One way of bringing this all together is in the form of a Stakeholder Mapping, a simple two-by-two matrix of Power ability to support or de-rail your work verses Interest in your work each scored Low to High. Stay up to date about water entrepreneurship! Those which come out as high power and influence will be the ones you ought to focus on to start with. After identification, the next step is about analysing how important it is that certain stakeholders are involved, and about the degree of influence and power a stakeholder has to affect the outcome of an initiative. Stakeholders are people interested in your company, ranging from employees to loyal customers and investors. Granting Project Acceptance The more regularly you engage and involve stakeholders from the start, the more likely you will have a positive project conclusion. Stakeholder may include project team, customer, sponsor, PMO, operations, customer care, Support team, sellers, legal department, functional managers, program and portfolio managers, interested entities internal or external to the project. Functional managers: They are key individuals who play the role of management within an administrative or functional area of the business. This includes identifying public concerns and values and developing a broad consensus on planned initiatives. Actually where you draw the boundary is not important in identifying stakeholders, it merely helps in the thought process of ensuring you have identified them to start with.
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The Importance of Identifying Stakeholders in a Project