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How do you do that? Walmart: Where Digital Meets Physical. Will they work with us?

Walmart infrastructure

As Wal-Mart has looked to withstand new online retail challenges from chief competitors Amazon and Target, its technology staffing mix and organizational structure have had to adapt in order to remain competitive. How have you made that work, given your rate of global growth and your numerous acquisitions? We spend a lot of time in Bell Labs, research centers and other places helping influence where we might go in the future. An example would be, say, that we start running Easter [simulations] in December so that we can better prepare and know what the Easter business will look like. We also have a team of folks that helps us do proof of concept and pilot key technologies that could be coming in the future. Another advantage of in-house strategic systems as opposed to running off the shelf packages from third parties is the ability to keep proprietary business process and systems knowledge out of the hands of competitors. On Execution Getting beyond the up-front process, how do your people actually execute? The system is used by over 30, people daily. Therefore, in Wal-Mart re-organized and consolidated its worldwide e-commerce staff into a new Global division located in Silicon Valley California. From a development standpoint, I think the biggest opportunity we have is leveraging information. October 13,

This gives the company a sustained competitive advantage over its major competitors by utilizing tailor-made systems to maximize efficiency. The network is helping the retailer improve its in-store operations as well.

In the future, we should actually be simulating our business with an inductive model versus a deductive model to determine our opportunities to maximize sales before the actual event occurs.

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On Execution Getting beyond the up-front process, how do your people actually execute? We need to look at the technology in a pilot environment so we can really understand its ramifications or benefits.

These systems help WalMart to predict the future trends of the retail industry, not only report on past events.

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Historically, the company has favored a centralized Information Systems structure coupled with an in-house development approach.

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