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The low density of population here only 14 people per square kilometer ensures that equitable distribution of wealth and natural resources is possible in this country. Explore the latest strategic trends, research and analysis Finland is top of the world for happiness, according to the World Happiness Report , closely followed by Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Dystopia represents the lowest national averages for each key variable and is, along with residual error, used as a regression benchmark. The biggest loser is Venezuela , down 2. Looking to contribute by touring especially happy destinations? Denmark has a slightly higher calculation of generosity, and the same goes for the perceived amount of corruption within the country. The primary difference between the two countries relates to generosity and perceptual corruption. According to Travelzoo Senior Editor Gabe Saglie, "[T]ravel to the countries that made the top 10 cut allows us to tap into some of the pervasive factors that seem to make everyday life there a happy proposition: a sense of community that comes from social support, the joys that come from increased generosity among citizens, and the overall happiness of people who lead a healthy lifestyle This chapter proposes using quality of life measurements a broader range of variables that life evaluation in lieu of or in addition to overall life evaluations in future World Happiness Reports. Norwegians are also extremely concerned about the environment with 32, electricity run cars plying on the streets of the country in an attempt to replace fossil fuel-dependent automobiles. There is very little corruption, and the police and politicians are trusted. Through a measurement of happiness and well-being called the "Cantril ladder," Gallup asked nationally representative populations to value their lives on a scale from 0 to 10, with the worst possible life valued at 0 and the best valued at There are some creative Scandinavian summer cruises. Average life expectancy in the country in was

Iceland is also the only NATO country with no standing army. Their latest ranking puts Finland at the top of the list as the happiest country in the world. It includes a technical annex with equations for calculating the maximization for happiness in public expendituretax policyregulationsthe distribution of happiness and a discount rate.

Chapter 5, Neuroscience of Happiness is written by Richard J. The organization, along with three economists from Columbia University, the University of British Columbia and the London School of Economics' Center for Economic Performance, created the report using data from the Gallup World Poll to reveal which countries are happy and why.

The country and its people as a whole focus on the positive aspects of life, support multiculturalism and share strong community bonds.

Very few Dutch complain about their work life as they know how to balance their work and personal life extremely well. It sets an aspiration of the inclusion of subjective well-being into the Sustainable Development Goals not fulfilledand outlines the report.

New Zealand also ranks well in civic engagement, personal security, education, jobs, and subjective well-being. This chapter focuses on "pro-sociality" "individuals making decisions for the common good that may conflict with short-run egoistic incentives".

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The population of Iceland enjoy a great number of privileges, peace, and social security and are both healthy and wealthy. Overall rank. Moving to a happy country can make us happier The report also tried to assess how migration affects happiness, and surveyed the happiness levels of immigrants in each country for the first time. This report is based on international surveys in which thousands of respondents were asked to imagine a ladder with steps numbered 0 to 10 and say where they felt they stood. This page was last updated on December 7, As of , the World Happiness Report determined that Finland is the happiest country in the world. Voter turnout in Australia was an impressive 93 percent during recent elections, a figure that is attributed to the fact that voting is compulsory in Australia.

Several airlines also offer low-cost airfare to Iceland, which is on the list--and if you're on the east coast of the U. Image: Statista That is because it performs poorly on social measures: life expectancy has declined, inequality has grown and confidence in the government has fallen.

According to Travelzoo, 34 percent of people engaging in non-spontaneous leisure travel planned trips agree they are happy most of the time, where as 49 percent of spontaneous leisure travelers reported joy. Love of nature and the urge to spend time outdoors is believed to nurture the feelings of optimism among the Swiss people.

There is a ladder bar of about 0.

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