Writing a closing argument for a mock trial

Such witnesses are common in mock trials, where they are frequently members of the opposing team. In addition to being logical and believable, a trial theme invokes shared values, civic virtues, or common motivations.

How to write a closing statement for a debate

And look at what would happen if he were late. If so desired, the closing argument is the ideal place for an emotional appeal to the judge. For the defense, a focus should be placed on the weakest legal elements that the prosecution must prove. If counsel has been successful, the opening statement painted a picture that the fact-finder began to accept and internalize. Learn about how our Early Advising Program can help you succeed in your extracurriculars. To do this, prepare a truncated outline of the three or four most important, or hotly contested, issues in the case, leaving several blanks lines under each heading. The defendant himself testified that he was meeting with a potential new client and that he hoped to land a valuable account. Additionally, both the prosecution and defense should be sure to emphasize particularly important facts to their side during the opening.

This goal can be best accomplished only when the case is presented according to a well-defined theory and powerful theme. For the prosecution, this should be a statement of the charges, and the corresponding list of actions the defendant must have taken to be found guilty.

This can usually be done subtly and indirectly, simply by providing the background information that tends to render your witnesses believable. At the close of the case, counsel returns to strengthen and explain the significance of those mental images.

prosecution closing argument transcript

The more an attorney moves about a courtroom, the greater control they have over it. Who should you believe?

Mock trial opening statement example

A plaintiff can therefore develop her closing argument by discussing the evidence as it supports each of the distinct elements of her cause of action. The suggested reasons need not be based on outright admissions so long as they follow rationally from the testimony in the case. That meeting was more important to him than a possible injury. Confront your weaknesses Closing argument can be used to solve problems and confront weaknesses. While not quite so powerful as admissions form the other side, undisputed facts can provide a sturdy cornerstone for case theory and closing argument: It is undisputed that there was a fire truck at the corner of Alta Vista and Craycroft. Defense counsel may have perfectly good answers for everything opposing counsel says on rebuttal, but no matter. He rushed into the bathroom to shower and shave. Almost every other failing can be overcome or forgiven. Elements A second form of topical organization revolves around elements and claims. Credible witnesses — who should be believed The credibility of witnesses should always be addressed during your closing argument. The government has not met that burden. Who should you believe? It is hard to talk about themes in the abstract. Content Although the specific content of any closing argument will be determined by the facts and issues in the case, it is possible to enumerate certain sorts of information that should be considered for inclusion in every closing argument. Suppose that the defendant in the fire engine case testified that he saw the fire truck but that he did not slow because the siren was not sounding.

The following are some of the most useful techniques you can use during your closing argument. Evaluate the claims that she made in her testimony against the proof of her own actions and the records of her own physician and pharmacist.

Well, everyone is at risk when drivers behave that way.

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Closing Argument