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Most programmes are available for four weeks after broadcast as streaming audio from Radio 4's listen again page [23] and via BBC iPlayer. Inthe Battle of the Somme is also expected to be marked years after it started on Julyand some of the soldiers featured in the drama will inevitably be killed as the war progresses.

I happily spent hours listening to lots of radio drama and reading things completely unrelated to help nourish the brain and soul. We will also explore the possibilities offered by what Angela Carter calls 'The Amazing Picture Palace': the freedom to travel to exotic or impossible locations; the opportunities for the poetic or interior; the intimacy.

Audiences can be as sensitive to religious oaths as to bad language. If you want to write get out there and make something — generate an audience for your work. So use it to its full potential. Simple often works best. Roberts, Philip. Radio scripts can be just as spare as screenplays.

Charlotte then had the great idea of recording on location as the city itself played an integral role in the story. So if you have a script that you think might be good for radio, how do you find a producer?

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Writing for BBC Radio 4: Afternoon Drama